I was born in Bologna, Italy, in 1973.
When I was a child my biggest heros were Pippi Longstocking, Marcovaldo, Karlsson on the roof, Silvester and Meffi.
At eight I decided that, whatever the cost, once grown up I would become a "painter and writer of novels".



Albin Michel, Topipittori, Harper Collins, Tate Publisher, Thames & Hudson, Enchanted Lion, Frances Lincoln, Mondadori, Hélium, MoMA, Seuil, Autrement , Gallimard, Les grandes personnes, Donzelli, Didier, Skyfish Graphix , Phaïdon.


  • Winner of the Landerneau Prize for "Un grand jour de rien" as Best book of the year (France), 2017
  • Winner of the Mildred L. Batchelder Award for "The Wonderful Fluffy Little Squishy" (U.S.A.), 2016
  • Selected Four times for Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (2014-2015-2016-2017)
  • Baby readers Prize for "Bon voyage bébé" from Ville de Nanterre
    (France), 2015
  • Liber Prize (Italy) for "I cinque malfatti" as best book of the year 2014
  • First Prize of Région Ardèche "Les bébés aiment les livres",
    (France), 2013
  • Italian Andersen Prize as "Illustrator of the year" (Italy), 2010
  • Best Book for "Un lion à Paris " at "Salone internazionale del libro di Torino" (Italy), 2010
  • Special mention at the Bologna Ragazzi Award for "Un lion à Paris "
    (Italy), 2006
  • Best illustrator Prize in Rueil (France), 2006
  • Best Book Prize in Taipei for "Un lion à Paris" (Taiwan), 2006
  • Andersen Prize for "Uccelli Notturni" by Tormod Haugen (Italy), 2004
  • Chronos Prize (France), 1999
  • Octogones Prize (France), 1998
  • FNAC Prize (France), 1997
  • First Prize Figures Futures in Montreuil ( France), 1996
  • selected three times at the Prix Baobab of Salon du livre in Montreuil
  • selected five times for the White Ravens Selection by the International Youth Library (Munchen)

My solo exhibitions were in:

Paris, Bologne, Bordeaux, Charleville, Munich, Pau, St. Paul, Roubaix, Reims, Cherbourg, Lisbonne, Bobigny, Tokyo, Sapporo, Kyoto and Stockholm.

Featured artist in:

Les Monde des livres (France), Elle (Italy), Elle (France), Hamelin (Italy), La Repubblica (Italy), Epok-Fnac (France), Varoom (England), Vogue (Italy), Vogue (Japan), Illustration (Japan), Andersen magazine (Italy), Télérama (France), l'Unità (Italy), Libération (France).

Selected Exhibitions:


  • The Zoo inside of Beatrice Alemagna, Zoo Gallery Bologna (Italy)


  • The American Society of illustrators New-York  U.S.A. 2015
  • Eccellenze italiane by Bologna Book Fair, Italian Cultural Institute in Madrid (Spain)  and Berlin (Germany)


  • Facce d'infanzia, Italian Cultural Institute of Stockholm, Sweden


  • Guest of honor at Lucca comics, Italy


  • Show and tell, the picturebook makers
    Cambridge, England


  • Guest of honor at Sarmede
    Sarmede, Siena, Mantova, Italy


  • Au pays des petits poux
    Librairie Artazart, Paris, France
  • Metafore d'infanzia
    Sala Borsa, Bologna, Italie
  • Rodari fullcolor
    Fondazione del Monte, Bologna, Italie


  • Expositions Clac-Clac
    Salon du livre jeunesse de Montreuil, Paris, France
  • Che cos'é un bambino?
    Libreria Giannino Stoppani, Bologna, Italie


  • Illustrations originales
    Galerie Dojunkay, Omotesando, Tokyo
  • L'autre chemin de Beatrice Alemagna
    Bibliothèque Elsa Triolet, Bobigny, Paris


  • A arte nà pagina
    Auditorium Cabrita, Barreiro, Lisbonne, Portugal
  • Portraits de Beatrice Alemagna
    Bibliothèque Municipale de Reims, France
  • Pensées illustrées d'une fille en verre
    Museo Civico Comunale, Bologna, Italie
  • Une rétrospective de Beatrice Alemagna
    Médiathèque de Roubaix, Lille, France
  • Portraits
    Bibliothèque Prévert, Cherbourg-Octeville, France


  • Histoire courte d'une goutte
    Galerie Autrement, Paris
  • Beatrice Alemagna: une rétrospective
    International Jugend Bibliotek, Munich, Allemagne


  • Beatrice Alemagna: une rétrospective
    Centre d'études en littérature jeunesse, Charleville, France
  • Mon amour: exposition d'originaux
    librairie Mollat, Bordeaux, France