Picturebook Maker's article

posted on 2015-05-18 Some days ago, I opened the door of my ateliers to the Picture book Makers blog.
I'm very honored to be here!

A new Bologna Children's book Fair

posted on 2015-03-27 The first time I went at the Bologna book fair with my folder of drawings under the arms, I was 14 years old. I wanted to publish a book at 14! A certain gentleman, named Josef Wilkon, saw my drawings and said, "you can draw, but you have to look differently." Another certain gentleman, whose name was Stepan Zavrel, told me: "Come to my course of Sarmede." And I met a third great gentleman, accidentally. His name is Tomi Ungerer: I asked him for an autograph. These were my heroes, when I was 14. They are still my heroes, today.
I wish you a wonderful Bologna Childrens Book Fair to you all!

penguins attack

posted on 2015-03-02 Collaboration with Djeco Toys. So funny!

new thoughts after Charlie's attack

posted on 2015-12-01 Je suis libre de voir, de dire, de sentir. je suis libre et je le reste. Libre de défendre un monde différent.

Sur les bancs

posted on 2014-12-08 Aujourd'hui je vais à la Sorbonne pour parler de mon travail et de tout mon parcours!!!

Dodu's articles

posted on 2014-12-03 My dodu-velu petit is walking through the pages of some very important newspapers!(Libération, Télérama, l'Express, Le Figaro, Milk and Le Monde des livres)

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