I was born in Bologna, Italy, in 1973.
When I was a child my biggest heros were Pippi Longstocking, Marcovaldo, Karlsson on the roof, Silvester and Meffi.
At eight I decided that, whatever the cost, once grown up I would become a "painter and writer of novels".

My 29 books have been originally published by:
Hélium , Albin Michel, Topipittori, Tate Publisher, Seuil, Autrement , Gallimard, Les grandes personnes, Didier , Thierry Magnier, Rue du Monde, Skyfish Graphix (Japan) and by Phaïdon(England, Italy, France, Spain and Germany).

And translated into:
French, Italian, Spanish, English, Dutch, Chek, Slovenian, Greek, Taiwanese, Corean, Portuguese, Brasilian-Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese.

Italian Andersen Prize as "Illustrator of the year" (Italy), 2010
Best Book for "Un lion à Paris " at "Salone internazionale del libro di Torino"- (Italy) 2010
Special mention at the Bologna Ragazzi Award (Italy) for "Un lion à Paris ", 2006
Best illustrator Prize in Rueil (France), 2006
Best Book Prize in Taipei for "Un lion à Paris" (Taiwan), 2006
Andersen Prize for "Uccelli Notturni" by Tormod Haugen (Italy), 2004
Chronos Prize (France), 1999
Octogones Prize (France), 1998
FNAC Prize (France), 1997
First Prize Figures Futures in Montreuil ( France), 1996
selected three times at the Prix Baobab of Salon du livre in Montreuil ( France),
selected five times for the White Ravens Selection by the International Youth Library (Munchen)

My solo exhibitions were in:
Paris, Bologne, Bordeaux, Charleville, Munich, Pau, St. Paul, Roubaix, Reims, Cherbourg, Lisbonne, Bobigny, Tokyo, Sapporo et Kyoto.
Featured artist in:
Les Monde des livres (France), Elle (Italy), Elle (France), Hamelin (Italy), La Repubblica (Italy), Epok-Fnac (France), Varoom (England), Vogue (Italy), Vogue (Japan), Illustration (Japan), Andersen magazine (Italy), Télérama (France), l'Unità (Italy), Libération (France).

Selected Exhibitions:
Guest of honor at Lucca comics, Italy
Show and tell, the picturebook makers
Cambridge, England
Guest of honor at Sarmede
Sarmede, Siena, Mantova, Italy
Au pays des petits poux
Librairie Artazart, Paris, France
Metafore d'infanzia
Sala Borsa, Bologna, Italie

Rodari fullcolor
Fondazione del Monte, Bologna, Italie
Expositions Clac-Clac
Salon du livre jeunesse de Montreuil, Paris, France

Che cos'é un bambino?
Libreria Giannino Stoppani, Bologna, Italie
Illustrations originales
Galerie Dojunkay, Omotesando, Tokyo

L'autre chemin de Beatrice Alemagna
Bibliothèque Elsa Triolet, Bobigny, Paris
A arte nà pagina
Auditorium Cabrita, Barreiro, Lisbonne, Portugal

Portraits de Beatrice Alemagna
Bibliothèque Municipale de Reims, France

Pensées illustrées d'une fille en verre
Museo Civico Comunale, Bologna, Italie

Une rétrospective de Beatrice Alemagna
Médiathèque de Roubaix, Lille, France
Bibliothèque Prévert, Cherbourg-Octeville, France
Histoire courte d'une goutte
Galerie Autrement, Paris

Beatrice Alemagna: une rétrospective
International Jugend Bibliotek, Munich, Allemagne
Beatrice Alemagna: une rétrospective
Centre d'études en littérature jeunesse, Charleville, France

Mon amour: exposition d'originaux
librairie Mollat, Bordeaux, France